Factory Direct 3.7v Li Ion Battery 1800mah

GMCELL Super 18650 industrial batteries

  • Our batteries are ideal for efficiently powering low-drain professional equipment that requires a consistent current flow over extended periods of time. These devices may include game controllers, cameras, Bluetooth keyboards, toys, security keyboards, remote controls, wireless mice, motion sensors, and various other devices.
  • By providing consistent quality and a one-year warranty, our goal is to help you save money for your business.

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18650 1800mah


Shrink-wrapping, Blister card, Industrial package, Customized package



Shelf Life:

1 years


MSDS, UN38.3, Safe Transport Certification

OEM Brand:

Free Label Design & Customized packaging


Product Features

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    LARGE CAPACITY: Typical capacities for 18650 lithium batteries range from 1800mAh to 2600mAh.

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    LONG SERVICE LIFE: Under normal use, the cycle life of the battery can exceed 500 times, which is more than twice that of standard batteries.

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    HIGH SAFETY PERFORMANCE: By separating the positive and negative terminals, the battery is effectively protected from potential short circuits.

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    NO MEMORY EFFECT: The battery does not have to be fully drained before recharging, which makes it more convenient to use.

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    SMALL INTERNAL RESISTANCE: The internal resistance of polymer batteries is lower than that of ordinary liquid batteries, and the internal resistance of domestic polymer batteries can be as low as 35mΩ.

GMCELL Super 18650


Product Specification

  • Nominal Capacity:1800mAh
  • Minimum Capacity:1765mAh
  • Nominal Voltage:3.7V
  • Delivery Voltage:3.80~3.9V
  • Charge Voltage:4.2V±0.03V
NO Items Units: mm
1 diameter 18.3±0.2
2 Height 65.0±0. 3

Cell Specification

No. Items Specifications Remark
1 Nominal Capacity 1800mAh 0.2C Standard discharge
2 Minimum Capacity 1765mAh
3 Nominal Voltage 3.7V Mean Operation Voltage
4 Delivery voltage 3.80~3.9V Within 10 days from Factory
5 Charge Voltage 4.2V±0.03V By standard charge method
6 Standard charging method To charge to 4.2V, a constant current of 0.2C and a constant voltage of 4.2V are applied. The charging process then continues until the current decreases to or below 0.01C. The battery is charged at a constant current of 0.2 times capacity (C) while maintaining a constant voltage of 4.2V. The charging process continues until the current decreases to or below 0.01 times its capacity (C), which typically takes about 6 hours.
7 Charge current 0.2C 360mA Standard charge, charge time about6h(Ref)
0.5C 900mA Rapid Charge, charge time about: 3h(Ref)
8 Standard discharging method 0.2C constant current discharge to 3.0V
9 Cell Internal Impedance ≤50mΩ Internal resistance measured at AC1KHZ after 50% charge

Cell Specification

No. Items Specifications Remark
10 Maximum charge current 0.5C 900mA For continuous charging mod
11 Maximum discharge current 1.0C 1800mA For continuous discharge mod
12 Operation Temperature and relative humidity Range Charge 0~45℃60±25%R.H. Charging the battery at temperatures below 0°C will result in reduced battery capacity and overall life expectancy.
Discharge -20~60℃60±25%R.H.
13 Storage temperature for a long time -20~25℃60±25%R.H. Do not store batteries for more than six months without charging. If the battery is stored for six months, it is recommended to charge it once. In addition, if the battery has been stored for three months, be sure to charge the battery with a protection circuit.

Cell Electrical Characteristics

No Items Test Method and Condition Criteria
1 Rated Capacity at 0.2C(Min.)0.2C The capacity of the battery should be measured after standard charging. This measurement should be performed by discharging the battery at a rate of 0.2 times the battery capacity (0.2C) until the voltage reaches 3.0 volts. ≥1765mAh
2 Cycle Life The battery should be charged at the standard rate of 0.2 times its capacity (0.2C) until the voltage reaches 4.2 volts. It should then discharge at the same rate until the voltage drops to 3.0 volts. This charge and discharge cycle should be repeated continuously for a total of 300 cycles. After completing the 300th cycle, the capacity of the battery should be measured. ≥80% of initial capacity
3 Capacity retention Batteries should be charged under standard charging conditions at a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. After that, the battery should be stored in an environment with an ambient temperature of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius for 28 days. After the storage period, the capacity of the battery shall be measured by discharging at a rate of 0.2 times capacity (0.2C) at a temperature range of 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. The resulting capacity measurement will be considered the battery’s retained capacity after 30 days. Retention capacity≥85%



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To ensure proper use of the battery please read the manual carefully before using it.


● Do not expose to, dispose of the battery in fire.

● Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.

● Avoid shorting the battery

● Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.

● Do not disassemble or deform the battery.

● Do not immerse in water.

● Do not use the battery mixed with other different make, type, or model batteries.

● Keep out of the reach of children.


Charge and Discharge

Battery must be charged in appropriate charger only.

● Never use a modified or damaged charger.

● Do not leave battery in charger over 24 hours.


 StorageStore the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area.

 Disposal: Regulations vary for different countries. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.(电池处理要符合当


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